Hey you guys. I know it’s been super long since I’ve posted anything… just over a month I believe. I’ve been sooo busy!!! Β I know Aubrey got my computer fixed, insisting that I start writing again. Now, in my defense, I HAVE been writing more, just not on my blog. I’ve been working on a personal project of sorts, and it’s started coming together quite nicely. πŸ™‚

Anyway, the reason WHY I’ve been so darn busy is the reason for the title of this post: WORK. Ive been working a shit ton lately. It’s really nice to have the 40 hours on my paycheck…. but it does kinda suck to be working full-time (basically) without any of the benefits. Because I’m still part time, but we’re so short-staffed on the floor right now, that all of us part-timers in Home Theater have been working 32-40 hours a week. It’s been crazy.
Work is going well for the most part. I’ve been stepping up into my role as Sales Lead even more… taking on the good with the bad. And I have some good ideas for the near future that will help myself be a better lead and help my team perform at a higher level. So, I’m looking forward to implementing a few behaviors that will really help us out.
Our store has been hiring a TON of new people, which is good because we need it… but it’s going to be a little weird with a bunch of new people running around. lol. It’s super strange because alot of the long-time veterans have recently left and taken on new jobs and moved to other cities, etc. So, all of the people that have been there for YEARS and were the ones to train me are all leaving. :/ AND now we’re going to have a bunch of new kids on the block… and it’s just going to change the dynamic and that’s going to be weird for me. Now, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that the dynamic is going to change; maybe it’s going to change for the better. It’s just going to be an adjustment. And it’s crazy to think about how I will be a person of leadership to these new guys. Which means I will most likely be doing a bit of training and showing them the ropes and whatnot… and it was less than a year ago that I knew nothing and they were having to help me with everything. It’s so crazy.

Being the Sales Lead has definitely been a learning experience. I’ve had a lot of pressure on me to perform in certain ways, and I was super stressed out for quite a while. I was having a difficult time with it. But, I started thinking of ways to own this new position. Still do what I need to do, but do it my way. As long as I’m producing the desired results, I need to be able to do it how I do it. There’s no other Bianca Holtz, so I have to make sure that I bring what I can bring to the table, which is different that what anyone else can do. So, after having that little pep talk with myself, I started handling the pressure and the stress a lot better. I have a long way to go, and it’s been tough because the department has been super slow, but I’m going to start improving. And I think I have an AMAZING team, and I think we’re really going to stand out in the company. All of my guys actually care about the business, and we can all speak to how the department is doing against the district and against the company as a whole,and we know where we need to be and they care about revenue and margin and baskets and all kinds of things that are going to make us successful. It makes it a lot easier to motivate and instill certain actions and behaviors when you have a team that actually cares. So, I look forward to this next season of working with my team and helping lead them to victory.


Alright, enough about work. lol. Home life – Chelsea moved out yesterday — she moved in with our friend Laticia, because her roommate moved out. AND, Alisha, Aubrey’s cousin and best friend, is moving in today! We’re actually going to be moving her in , in about 2 hours, when she’s off work. She moved back to California from Reno, and she needed a place to live. And we had told her that when she moved back she could move in with us, because Chelsea had always planned on moving out in the summer. So, Alisha moved back, and Chels moved in with Laticia. It’s going to be weird to not live with Chels anymore. And she got a new job and left Best Buy, so I was like we HAVE to text because we could easily stop seeing each other now that we don’t live together and we no longer even work together. But she promised we’d keep in touch and hang out on occasion.
I’m excited to move Alisha in, because Aubrey and her have talked about living together since they were kids. And I know this makes her really happy. I’m excited to have her here too, don’t get me wrong! I just know that this will make Aubrey REALLY happy, and that makes me really happy. πŸ™‚

So, we’re in a season of transition. Aubrey’s hoping to transition into more leadership positions at work, I’m still transitioning into my leadership position at work, and we have a new roommate.

Life is good.


Bucket List #61: Go to Pride in San Francisco!

So guys, last weekend, we accomplished TWO bucket list items! The first was Go to Pride in San Francisco!
It was an awesome adventure…

First of all, Travis and Jeremy flew across the country in order to go with us, which was AWESOME! We drove into the city Friday morning, and were in SF until Monday morning.So when we were driving into the city Friday am, I was told that it was to pick up Jeremy’s friend. We get to the airport, and we go down to baggage claim… and lo and behold, it’s CHARLOTTE ALLEN!! What the hell?! Β They all apparently had been keeping that secret from me for over a month! Those sneaky devils lol.

So, it was an awesome trip. I had Travis, Jeremy, AND Charlotte all here in California! We were in San Francisco! It was great. So on Friday we got to the city, and went shopping for a bit. Got some REALLY cute stuff. Went to the basement in Macy’s and got Mexican food for lunch. Then,we went to the hotel to check in, put our stuff away, and get changed.

So then we decided to take the group to the Golden Gate bridge so that they could see it. So we drove out there and it was SUPER windy! So we walked around a bit and took pictures of each other at the bridge. While we were walking back to the car, I spotted a cute bench with a really good view of the bridge… and it was less windy at that spot so I suggested we stop so our friends could get some good pictures. Β So they took a couple pics, and then Aubrey was like take a picture of us! So I walked over to where she was to get a picture taken of us. THEN, all of a sudden, she knelt down on one knee!!! OMG Surprise number two!!!! She pulled out a ring, the gorgeous one I’ve had my eye on no less, and asked me if I would marry her. Crying a little, I said yes and we kissed and it was magical. πŸ™‚

I couldn’t believe this surprise. ANOTHER secret they had been keeping from me!! lol
It was really sweet. πŸ™‚ I love that she planned all of that. In the beginning of our relationship,we had decided that both of us would propose at some point, because every girl deserves to be proposed to. I proposed a year ago, but I thought it was going to be a LONG time till she was going to propose. It TOTALLY blindsighted me, I did NOT see it coming! lol But it was a very pleasant surprise. πŸ˜€

So after all of that, we went back to the hotel in order to meet with my friend Kenny from work that was in town, and Jeremy’s friend Michael. At that point, Charlotte was super tired (she had been up for over 20 hours!) So she decided to stay in and order room service while we went out for dinner. We found this AWESOME burger place and we sat in Union Square and had dinner. Then we went bar hopping to a couple cool places in the area. It was a great night.


The next day was Dolores Park! It’s the Dykes on Bikes day, where there is a stage and a DJ at Dolores Park and hundreds of people gather and lay out in the sun and play and drink and dance and have an awesome time. It was super cool because we had some friends come into the city and meet us and play all day! So our friends Arnold and Sam and Angelica and Paul all met us while we were out there and we all hung out for the day! We all got pretty drunk and pretty tan as we all hung out at the park. lol It was a lot of fun!!

After the Dykes on Bikes left, we decided to walk back to the hotel. We followed the march for awhile, which was interesting! lol And then we finished the super long walk back to the hotel. We encountered some interesting folk along the way (including the guy that asked Jeremy if he wanted to do coke with him in the Starbucks bathroom lol) but we finally made it back. At that point, I wasn’t feeling too great so I laid down while everyone went out to dinner (they were also joined by Michael and his friend and Aubrey’s childhood friend as well). I ended up getting pretty sick (dehydration) and Travis ended up sick as well. So we decided to stay in instead of going out. We re-hydrated and slept all night.


Sunday was the parade! Charlotte, Travis, Jeremy, Aubrey and I got up at a decent time, got ready for the day, and then went out for breakfast. The place we went to wasn’t too impressive unfortunately. But then we headed down to the parade! It was awesome seeing all the floats and all the people. I think my personal favorite highlight was the rainbow robot Β that played actual music from its speakers!!! lol I was pretty excited.
After the Parade, we headed down to the Civic Center, where all the after-activities were being held. We all got some awesome pics of interesting characters lol! We walked around, checking out the booths, and getting something to eat. Charlotte decided to head back a little early, since she wanted to get a couple things and get packed for her flight. We joined her pretty soon after, so we could get ready to head to the beach.

Which leads me to our second bucket list accomplishment – Bucket List #59 – Go Topless on a Nude Beach!
We had heard that Baker Beach was a nude beach, so we had decided to check it out (come to find out it was deemed illegal to be nude on the beach a few years back, but we didn’t know that till after lol). There were WAY too many clothed people! lol We had decided that we would take all of our clothes off and jump into the ocean naked… but when we saw that many people in clothes we were like never mind! lol We walked all the way to the end of the beach, and found a group of naked people, but they were sitting on the back side of the beach (the furthest from the water). We took some awesome pictures of the bridge, and debated on what to do for like 45 minutes. lol It got down to the point where we were just looking at each other like this is the Β moment of truth; are we doing it or not??? The second Aubrey took her top off we knew there was no going back. We stripped all of our clothes off as fast as possible and went running into the water. Naturally, as the water was freezing, as soon as we had fully been covered by the water, we went sprinting back onto the beach to our towels. It was super invigorating! I can’t believe we did it! lol
Now, I do believe that one day, on a foreign nude beach, we will lay out topless for a few hours… but this was such a huge accomplishment, I think it still counts for the bucket list! lol It felt so crazy and I’m really surprised I did it. But it was an awesome thing Β to experience with my friends. πŸ™‚

After all of that, we took Travis and Jeremy to Pier 39 for some clam chowder. They couldn’t go to San Francisco and not have clam chowder! So we ate delicious food and walked around the pier for a bit so they could see it. But we couldn’t stay too long – we had to get back to the hotel to hang out with Charlotte for a bit before the towncar picked her up to take her to the airport.

It was really sad to say bye to Charlotte :(. But I knew she missed her kids and was looking forward to going home. I look forward to getting to have her in MY town, not just the crazy city! lol I wanna be able to show her my normal life and for her to have a relaxing vacation too, not just the crazy trip we had. lol


The last night in the city, we got cute and went down to the Castro to find a bar and so the boys could see it. We had a great time drinking and getting into really awesome conversations actually. lol Then we met this super drunk guy that kept changing his story about everything. lol It was a fun time. After the bar was closed, we took a taxi and got dropped off near our hotel, and got some pizza. Then we walked back to the hotel from there. When we got back I popped in a movie and we finished packing.
After two hours of sleep, we had to all get up so we could take them to the airport. We were tired, but it was an awesome trip. It was super sad saying bye to them, but it was a bit easier knowing that we’re trying to go home in the next few months; so it won’t be long till we see them again. Then Aubrey and I, super exhausted, drove home and proceeded to have a Heroes marathon and sleep on-and-off throughout the whole day.

It was a fantastic vacation, and I’m really glad we did it! It was so awesome being at such a large Pride, and I was glad that Travis and Jeremy got to experience it too! Things are so different in the South. I’m glad they got to experience a place where they weren’t being judged or hated, and experience a Pride where there weren’t as many protesters as supporters. It was a lot of fun. And it was super great getting to spend time with Charlotte, Travis and Jeremy, and getting to experience an awesome moment with them as Aubrey proposed.

It was a fantastic weekend, and it was amazing to cross off TWO things off our bucket list together!!!

Okay guys I have to get ready for work now! lol

Have a great day!


Late night…

Hey ya’ll. I’m laying in bed with my computer, watching Criminal Minds. lol.
I had been doing elearnings for a couple of hours, but I was tired from doing so many so I decided to be done with them for the night. So, I decided to write a small post before going to bed.

Master Cavazos is visiting us tomorrow!!! I’m excited to see him! We haven’t seen him since he visited last October. πŸ™‚ It’s going to be awesome, he’ll be in tomorrow afternoon and spend the night with us, and then he’ll fly home to Charlotte on Sunday. We’re really excited to have him here, I’m so glad he visits California a couple times a year, because he’s awesome and takes the time to come see us! πŸ™‚

Work has been going well… Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’m the new Home Theater Sales Lead, and it’s going well! My managers and supervisors give me tips all the time on ways to be the best sales lead I can be, and I really appreciate it since it’s all new to me! haha I’m excited though, because I enjoy my job, and I’m glad to have a little bit more responsibility and respect… I respond well to having a few extra expectations and allowing me to work hard and excel. I had a really nice complement from my supervisor today… he told me that on a conference call, our Magnolia Brand Manger, Ross, gave me a compliment/shout-out by saying that I do a great job of bringing customers into Magnolia to show them what we have to offer in terms of high-quality video, audio, and connections. I was really excited to hear that because Ross is AWESOME and knows A TON. He knows the background history of like all the manufacturers, all the products, and most of the people involved in creating them. I love even just listening to him talk about product, because heΒ is so knowledgeable. So it made me feel really nice when I heard that he had something nice to say about me. πŸ™‚ I guess he’s going to be in work tomorrow (he is usually in our store one weekend out of the month… the rest of the time he’s in other stores) so I’m hoping to pick his brain on a few things. Unfortunately, with him always being in the store on weekends, it’s usually too busy for me to sit and learn from him, but I hope to get a few minutes with him tomorrow.

Okay, enough about work. Not much is going on in my personal life… Aubrey and I don’t get to spend too much time together, which I mentioned in my previous post. Every couple weekends we make party/bro-night plans with our friends, but we don’t do too too much, between work and lack of funds. Sunday DOES mark 1 year from me proposing to Aubrey though. πŸ™‚ One of the happiest days of my life… the only things that compare would be the day I got baptized and my nephew Paxton being born. I’m excited to have Sunday off, so Aubrey and I can snuggle and be all lovey and gross all day. πŸ˜‰ lol

Okay folks, I think I’m going to sign off now, going to start getting ready for bed; I have to open at work tomorrow.
Have a great night everybody!


Fixed Computer!

Hey guys! So, my wifey is AMAZING, and she got my computer fixed for my birthday yesterday! I haven’t been able to use my keyboard in TWO YEARS. I’ve had to have a whole setup with my laptop on a stand and use a wireless keyboard in my lap. It was super annoying.
BUT, she got it fixed under one condition: I have to write again. She said that I have to start writing again, and that I have no excuse now that I can use my laptop normally again. I agreed.

It’s really nice being able to have my laptop in my lap again. I used to use my computer ALL THE TIME, and it’ll be nice to be able to use it conveniently again. And I’m keeping my word – she fixed my computer, so here I am writing. πŸ™‚

Anywho, update time! Things have been going pretty well; we’ve been pretty busy. I got a promotion at work!! I interviewed for the Sales Lead job and I got it! I’m really excited about it. It’s the position right below the supervisor basically. So, I need to have the most product knowledge and the highest sales out of the department. I’m not there yet, but I’m working my way there. I’m just glad they saw the potential in me and allowed me the chance to prove myself. So, I’m going to be really busy learning stuff outside of work as well as working a lot of hours.
Aubrey has been doing well also. She’s still working at Target as a softlines member… but she’s wanting to get into working as AP. She’s working a few more hours than she used to, but there’s not too many more hours she can work, because softlines works at night.

Unfortunately, the way our schedules work, we don’t really get to see each other. I usually work during the day, and then by the time I get home, she’s usually at work. And then she gets home around midnight or later, and then I have to go to sleep because I work the next day. Sundays are usually the days we have off together, but I’ve been working a lot of Sundays lately. Hopefully my schedule will return to normal and I can have my Sundays with her again. We really need it. It’s just one day that we get to spend the whole day and night together, to reconnect.

Aubrey and I have been watching through the ENTIRE series of the office again. We’re on Season 7 today… we’re watching in right now. lol I have today off and so does Aubrey, so we get to hang out together ALL day. πŸ™‚

So, I’m going to sign off and hang out with her… but you WILL be hearing from me more often, because I gotta keep my promise to Aubrey! lol

Have a great one guys,


Hello Stranger…

Hi Guys!! I’m back! I know ya’ll never really hear from me anymore; I’ve been SO busy!!!! I’m working all the time, and when I have a day off, I don’t ever want to do ANYTHING! lol But I need to get engaged with my life again. It really impacts me when I think about how fast time is flying and it really will pass me by if I don’t enjoy every free moment that I have. And to even enjoy my time at work!

I think it helps that it’s warm out. haha I always say I get kinda depressed in the winter… I’m mostly kidding, but it’s sort of true! haha When it warms up, I’m in such a good mood and I’m more optimistic and whatnot :).

So, some updates! I mentioned in my last post that I have an iPhone now… that’s pretty sweet. haha. It’s added a whole new realm to me keeping in touch with old friends, and communicating with new ones. πŸ™‚
I’ve been working alot, like I previously mentioned. Aubrey’s been getting a few more hours a week at work too which is a big help!! I applied for a full-time opening in my department, which is a BIG deal since I’ve only been there for four months! I didn’t get the job, but I was a very close choice! It meant alot that they even seriously considered me! And my new supervisor said he’s going to work with me on some specific things so that the next time a full-time position opens up, I’ll be a lock for the spot!! So that’s pretty darn cool. I’ve also been working really hard outside of work too. Meaning that I’ve been spending a bunch of off-time at home learning and studying and researching things that will help me do my job better! I love what I’m doing and I’m going to commit a hundred percent while I’m here!
We had a major territory walk yesterday, and I’m pretty sure it went well! I met all of the guys and they were really nice and they seemed to appreciate and enjoy the fact that I went up to them and introduced myself! So that was really cool. Nikko (my supervisor) was telling me how important it is to network, so I hope I made a good impression on them!

I found out today that I’ve actually been recommended (and approved!) for this like leadership conference/class thing that they do in like April! I had NO clue about it but my store manager brought it up to me! It’s actually a REALLY big deal because I guess part-timers are never allowed to go, but I got approved for it! πŸ™‚ I didn’t even know it existed but now that I know about it, I’m excited! I guess its a series of classes that they offer that teach you more about the business and things like that. And Christina (this awesome full-timer that I work with – she’s in Magnolia) told me it’s a really awesome opportunity. So I’m pretty stoked about that! πŸ™‚

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m reengaging with the world around me haha! It’s almost like I hibernate in the winter. Well, I’m thawed out, and I’m ready to face the day. lol. So on my day off tomorrow, I’m going to mow the lawn and do a bit of spring cleaning in the house too :). I’m actually looking forward to it for once lol! I’m going to make sure I help around the house a bit more. It’s no excuse that I’m tired from work. I’ll be tired from work for the rest of my life. I can’t just do “nothing” forever. lol

I’m also spending a bunch of my free time learning more for work, like I mentioned before. I really want to commit to my job and know what I’m selling. And it will also benefit me in my quest for full-time employment and Magnolia certification. So, that’s a bonus too! lol

I’m making some different choices financially, too. I’m not saving as much as I should, but I’ve been spending my money more on things we ACTUALLY want/need instead of stupid shit like fast food all the time. lol So I’m trying to be a little better about spending money on things that actually matter. Well that and drinks. haha!

For a family update, I text with my parents every couple weeks… we don’t talk a super ton. I try to reach out to my sister more but she usually doesn’t really get back to me. So, Idk how to really move forward in my relationship with her. I’ll keep trying.

I’m glad to be living out here in California. As much as I miss my friends and my family and everything, I think I made the right choice. And although living in Denair, population 4,000 isn’t ideal, it’s still nice to be out here in California. Forreal. I have a good job, I’m making good friends, and we’re close to Aubrey’s family. It’s great for now, and I want to be “all-here” until we move somewhere else. I told Aubrey, I never used to give my “all” to something if I knew it wasn’t permanent, if it was only temporary. But that’s no way to live! If I live like that, then that means I spend my whole life waiting for something else. So I’ve started trying to enjoying and experiencing everything to the full. It makes my life more full and it gives me great experiences, and it will most likely prepare me for whatever is next down the road! So I’m trying that out now :P. It feels good though, giving life a chance, living more fully. I like it. πŸ™‚

So, I guess I’m gunna sign off now, I’m gunna hang out with my lady :). To all my friends back home, I miss you and I love you all! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. To those I haven’t met yet, I hope you have a wonderful day and take my epiphanies as a lesson: it’s worth it to enjoy life to the fullest that you can – even if it’s temporary or not ideal! It will pay off, I just know it. πŸ™‚

Signing Off,


iPhone iPhone!

Hey guys! So you know what’s really cool? I’m posting this to you from my new iPhone! I used my tax refund to get Aubrey and I new iPhones πŸ™‚

Anyway we’re doing well. Keeping up with work and everything. We don’t get to spend a ton of time together still but were enjoying the time we get.

I have induction for work this week. I work tomorrow, then I’ll have dinner with Aubrey in Modesto, then I’ll hop on the road from there and head to Sacramento! I’ll be in Sac from Monday till Friday. My classes will be Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Fri. After my last day I’m meeting with a friend in the city and we’re going to have a couple drinks, and then I’m going to drive home and spend the night with my lovely lady. πŸ™‚ then I work on Sat too. So it’s going to be a lonnng week. But I’m going to love that paycheck. Haha

Anyway like I said, were doing alright.

I’m going to go eat dinner now y’all have a great night!

Signing off,


I thought this was an appropriate title with today being Valentine’s Day ;).

I’m making “Heartthrob” the title of my post because I have been OBSESSED with Tegan and Sara’s new album – Heartthrob. It’s friggin GREAT! If you haven’t heard it yet, do it. Today. As soon as possible. It’s fantastic. I’ve loved them for YEARS and they’re music speaks to me in a way only a few groups can. I’m listening to the album right now, in fact. I was listening to some other stuff earlier, but I came back. lol. It’s amazing, I can’t get over it.

So, if it’s Valentine’s night, you might wonder what I’m earth doing blogging right now. Well, Aubrey and I had a literal Valentine’s DAY. She had to work tonight. And my roommate, Chelsea, had SUPER romantic plans with her girl at the house tonight, so I cleared out and I’m here at Starbucks messing with my music and blogging. I can’t really be upset though, Aubrey and I had a fantastic day. πŸ™‚

She made me breakfast in bed this morning and gave me my card. Then I gave her her card and her candies, then took her to Starbucks for coffee. We then went to this nice park nearby and swung for a while, and then went on a walk. Then we rented The Perks of Being a Wallflower (that we’ve wanted to see forever cuz we LOVE that book), then …. had some “time to ourselves” and then popped in a movie and took a nap. Our day was AWESOME. πŸ™‚

It kinda blows that I’m sitting on an uncomfortable chair right now for the next couple hours while I wait on Aubrey to get off work, lol, but it’s nice to get some stuff downloaded as well as get a chance to talk to you guys ;).

Next Friday we’re having a party!! It’s pajama themed!! So everybody’s going to be drunk running around in their pajamas lol. It’s going to be awesome. πŸ™‚ I was sitting here getting stuff ready for the playlist. It’ll take me a couple days to get it all together. I don’t think people realize the work I put into the music that I have at my parties. lol. So the next couple days that I have off I’ll be putting together the playlist for the party. It will have most typical party-type music on there, but I’m also going to throw in some old throwbacks from our childhood slumber parties like Spice Girls and things like that πŸ™‚ haha! It’s going to be fantastic.

Okay guys I guess I’ll go… I’m going to go back to working on the playlist :).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

❀ Bia